Oral presentation

Guidelines: Presentations consisted of a 12 minute presentation, plus 3 minutes for questions and discussion at the end of the presentation.

2013 oral presentation list

Name Title
Adrian Dusting Compromising conservation: The role of evolutionary processes in facilitating biological invasions.
Aishwarya Maheshwari Conservation of Snow leopards in the Kargil Himalayas, Ladakh, India
Ana Codilan Biomass and Carbon Stocks of Young Mangrove Stands in Quezon Province, Philippines
Anja Ödman Disturb to conserve
Anna Bertram Does the traditional relevance of animals influence the incentive of local people to protect them? A case study on marine turtle, shark and the Fiji petrel conservation in Fiji.
Casey O'Brien The Impact of deterrents on Southern Hairy-nosed Wombat activity patterns
Charlotte Whitham Managing to understand, understanding to manage: Human-wildlife conflicts in the context of ecosystem service and top predator conservation
Darren Southwell Learning about colonisation under an adaptive management framework
David Izquierdo Acebes The return of the "Bone-breaker": 25 years of re-introduction of Bearded vultures in the Alps
Diego Correa Gomez The availability of primates is key for the prevalence of fleshy fruits in Colombian tropical lowlands
Edward Lau Multi-stressor effects on amphibians
Edy Setyawan Fishes Population and Cover of Benthic Communities in Buruway, Kaimana Marine Protected Area, West Papua, Indonesia
Frida  Sidik Early ecosystem development of created mangrove wetland in Indonesia
Hans Wendt Applying spatial planning tools to strengthen the design of a community-based network of no-take zones in Kadavu, Fiji
Isaac Rounds Successful Conservation in complex socio-political settings:  the Sovi Basin, Fiji.
Jennifer Croes Closing Shop? - an analysis of the live exotic-pet trade at Indonesian wildlife markets through traders' eyes.
Kat Geurts Patching up the divide: population genetics of rainforest mammals in a fragmented landscape
Keren Raiter Under the radar: offsetting cumulative, offsite, cryptic and secondary ecological impacts
Kylie Soanes Evaluating the effectiveness of crossing structures for arboreal mammals: is use evidence for effectiveness?
Lachlan Fetterplace Marine Protected Areas:Conservation of fish diversity on soft sediments
Lucie Bland Predicting the conservation status of IUCN Data Deficient species
Mason Campbell The ecological response of lianas to habitat fragmentation of the tropical rainforest
Matt Rees Habitat complexity as a surrogate for temperate reef biodiversity: Implications for Marine Protected Areas.
Mazzella Maniwavie Determination of factors controlling the survival of Mangrove seedlings in Central Province, Papua New Guinea
Michaela Plein Optimal translocation of two interacting species under the risk of coextinction
Mohan Gurung REDD for Green: Reality or Myth?
Moos Blom Genomic signals of sexual selection in a rapidly declining Great snipe (Gallinago media) population
Munjali Tokbipi Integrating local knowledge and occupancy theory: Mapping large mammal distribution in a poorly studied priority landscape
Nhai Nguyen Awareness and participatory opportunities in conservation education of local communities in Khau Ca protected area, Vietnam
Nithiyaa Nilamani The growth rate of the Porites corals at Marine Protected Area and Non-Marine Protected Area in Malaysian waters
Rebecca Jarvis Understanding socio-ecological systems: developing a framework to assist in the conservation outcomes of the Hauraki Gulf Islands, New Zealand.
Supriya Jhunjhunwala The value of ecosystem services provided by a small forest in a global biodiversity hotspot in India.
Tal Polak Differential effects of artificial lighting on flight and foraging behavior of two sympatric bat species in a desert habitat
Toni Mizerek Understanding coral range expansion to enhance management strategies
Yaara Aharon-Rotman Arctic breeding waders indicate that lemming cycles are losing their grip on the Arctic ecosystem
Zhigang Mei Accelerating population decline of Yangtze finless porpoise (Neophocaena asiaeorientalis asiaeorientalis)




Guidelines: Poster dimensions are portrait orientation, 120cm high x 90cm wide.Posters were on display throughout the entire conference providing many opportunities for informal discussion. 

2013 Poster presentation list

Name Title
Aishwarya Maheshwari Conservation of Snow leopards in the Kargil Himalayas, Ladakh, India
Alexandra Wilson  forest with swamp edge of forest and scrub" as poster title confirmation 
Alice Hudson Darwin's Naturalisation Hypothesis Investigated
Amanda McLean Life History of an endangered marsupial: Implications for conservation
Angela Recalde Salas Passive acoustic monitoring of baleen whales in Western Australia: implications of the acoustic environment in environmental impact assessment
Anita Wheeler changed myth to preception
Anja Ödman Land use history and restoration in threatened calcareous sandy grassland habitats
Ashlee Johnson Juvenile Fish Tell Tales of Trophic Exchange between Mangroves and Coastal Waters
Azusa Makino Dynamic marine conservation planning under the climate change
Cintia Camila Silva Angelieri How distribuition modeling could support conservation of great mammals’ in a Brazilian modified landscape?
Clant Alok soil resources mapping in a tropical forest
Colin Tucker Developing Sustainability Indicators for Biosphere Reserves
Corissa Miller In pursuit of elephant snot - An investigation of transmission risks and detection techniques of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Mycobacterium bovis in Asian elephants in Nepal
Danielle Nilsson How do you incentivize and motivate local communities to conserve the orangutan
Dechen Yeshi Balancing the act for survival
Delux Chhun Immigration and its effect on deforestation
Diane Zarzoso-Lacoste Conservation starts in microtubes: Improving detection and identification of birds in rat and cat diet samples, an application for bird conservation on a Pacific Island
Dileepa de Croos A just society ensuring equitable and ecological sustainable use of aquatic resources: 250 year old example from western Sri Lanka.
Dolly Priatna Habitat selection and activity pattern of translocated Sumatran tigers (Panthera tigris sumatrae)
Donal Yeang Assessing Community Tenure Rights under Cambodia's first REDD+ Demonstration Project
Emily Hanna Determinants of island mammal extinctions: interactive effects of biology, island biogeography, and mesopredator suppression.
Emily Weiser Predicting the demographic consequences of inbreeding in the critically endangered Chatham Islands black robin
Enkhbayar Ikhbayar Design of Database of Forest of Mongolia, Its application.
Fei Lun Rural residential energy consumption and its corresponding carbon emission in forest areas: taking Weichang County in north of China as a case
Gerry Ryan Irrawaddy dolphin demography in the Mekong River and the implications for conservation
Heidi Zimmer Recruitment limitation in one of the world's rarest tree species: Wollemi pine
Helen Smith Improving private conservation outcomes through understanding farmers values of ecosystem services and attitudes towards payment schemes
Iris Tsoi Stream algae growth on nutrient-diffusing substrates: an in situ nutrient enrichment experiment
Jason Jack Talk: Engaging local community to sustainable management of the Giant African Snail
Jennifer McGowan Modeling seabird habitat for conservation
Jensi Sartin Does sounds ecologic enough to have a successful conservation?
Jiajia Liu Where does fragmentation happen?
Jude Keyse What are we missing beyond species richness?
Katrin Schmidt The ecological role of tadpoles in rainforest streams
Kiran Dhanjal-Adams Managing shorebirds for disturbance
Kristin Descovich The behavioural biology of captive wombats (Lasiorhinus latifrons): Examining social dynamics and spatial demands.
Lauren Cole Cut adrift: benthic-pelagic coupling in invertebrate assemblages on drifting algal wrack following the disappearance of a key marine alga
Libby Liggins Predictable spatial genetic patterns across species can help inform conservation
Luke Houghton Australian Centre for Ecological Analysis & Synthesis
Maria Jose Martinez-Harms Methods for mapping ecosystem service supply: a review
Marie-Claire Demers A comparison of multiple boat mooring systems: impacts of 'seagrass-friendly' moorings.
Melissa Houghton Pathways and vectors for the introduction of non-indigenous invertebrate species to the subantarctic and Antarctic regions.
Melissa Klamt Trophic relationships of the platypus
Michel Ohmer The role of sloughing in disease progression: implications for understanding variation in susceptibility to the amphibian chytrid fungus
Michelle Venter Community-based forest monitoring; how accurate are the data?
Milla Mihailova Do crimson rosellas (Platycercus elegans) use odour as a signal for communication & disease prevalence?
Monique Ladds Quantifying foraging behaviour and habitat use of marine predators in South-East Australian waters to identify Areas of Ecological Significance (AES)
Nancy Auerbach Cost-effectively Managing Threats to Species
Naw Carol Aye Promoting Equitable Rights for Indigenous Women in REDD+ Strategies in Myanmar
Ni Mahayani Estimating Biomass of Restored Mangrove Forests: Validating Allometric Models for Mangrove Vegetation
Noelle Oldiais Visitors’ perception on marine sites of the Rock Islands Southern Lagoon in Palau
Paing Soe An Ecological and Population Study of the Critically Endangered White-bellied Heron in Hukaung Valley, Northern Myanmar
Payal Bal Elephants Also Like Coffee: Human-Elephant Conflict in Coffee Agro-forestry Landscapes of Kodagu, Western Ghats, India.
Rashedul Mondol Patterns of population connectivity in Strawman, Craterocephalus stramineus in the Daly River Catchment Area
Rebecca Runting Does more mean less? The value of information for conservation planning under sea level rise.
Roshni Subramaniam Modelling the response of the microbial loop in the Southern Ocean to climate change using qualitative network analysis
Sarah DeVries Optimising conservation decisions for an endangered amphibian using the expected value of perfect information.
Sean Maxwell Why we shouldn't count on koalas
Somphouthone Phimmachak Distribution and Ecology of Asian Newts (Genus Tylototriton) in Laos
Suraj Upadhaya Human-Snow Leopard Conflict, A Case Study of Shey Phoksundo National Park, Western Nepal.
Tal Polak Optimal planning for mitigating the impacts of roads on wildlife
Tim Davies Fishing for tuna in an uncertain ocean: identifying the decision making strategies used by skippers to mitigate risk
Tuanjit Sritongchuay The structure of pollination network in mixed fruit orchard Southern Thailand
Tyrone Lavery Conserving monkey-faced bats (Pteralopex spp.), a unique genus endemic to the Solomon Islands.
Xyomara Carretero-Pinzon Conservation Status of Callicebus ornatus, a Colombian endemic titi monkey.
Yi Han Managing invaders with multi-species interactions