Dr. David Bickford

National University of Singapore


2013 conference presentation

David is an evolutionary ecologist, a conservation biologist, and a tropical herpetologist. Dedicated to scientific exploration, inspired teaching, evocative research, and conservation of biodiversity,  he strives to combine the four pursuits.

His current research deals with cryptic species in Southeast Asia, the latitudinal species gradient, the adaptive radiation of microhylid frogs from the Philippines to Australia (mostly on New Guinea), their parental care behaviors and feeding systems, global drivers of amphibian endangerment, and many other projects.


Dr. James Watson

WCS Climate Change/IUCN SSC Climate Adaptation Taskforce
2013 conference presentation

James leads WCS’ Climate Change Program and is co-chair of the IUCN SSC climate adaptation tasforce. In his WCS role, he leads two different teams made up of researchers and practitioners. The climate adaptation team provides technical expertise and help incorporates anticipated impacts of climate change into the planning and implementation of conservation projects throughout WCS’s 80 landscape, seascape, and species conservation programs. The climate mitigation and forestry team work on getting the 13 active WCS REDD projects (spread across 10 countries) VCS and CCBA certified and into the carbon market. Both teams actively collaborate with other NGOs, university and government partners, and engage in national and international policy dialogues.

James’ primary interest is overcoming the implementation gap in conservation. His aim is to ensure conservation research, especially those pieces of research that involve climate change adaptation and conservation planning, is actively taken up and used by conservation practitioners and policy makers.


Dr. Michelle Pinard 

University of Aberdeen


2013 conference presentation

Michelle is a Senior Lecturer in Tropical Forestry at the University of Aberdeen and is a member of the Aberdeen Centre for Environmental Sustainability. She is a forest ecologist with interests in interdisciplinary work and sustainability issues.
The focus of Michelle's research is the interface between ecology and forest use, where use may be for timber or non-timber forest products, or for protection. She has worked in Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Ghana, Brazil and Bolivia.